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Jim Madras (LMT #7853) offers Thai bodywork and continuing education instruction for Oregon LMTs.


Thai bodywork can range from gently relaxing to physically intense, depending on what you want or need. Generally performed with the client clothed and on a mat on the floor, sessions can include (in addition to massage) any or all of the following:


  • Cupping – glass or silicone jars are attached to the body with vacuum, gently lifting the skin and tissue
  • Scraping – using a tool with a blunt edge to friction the superficial layers of the body
  • Tok Sên – a Lanna Medicine technique using a wooden mallet to strike a wooden peg that is in contact with the body
  • Topical Herbs – balms, liniments, poultices and compresses

Post Treatment Care

Following your treatment, you will want to stay covered up and warm. Cupping and scraping marks will need to stay covered, to prevent exposure to wind and cold. Some light stretching and movement is highly recommended – but not an intense workout.

You’ll want to give your body a bit of time to incorporate the work. And of course, drink plenty of water.


Qigong is a pretty broad term that generally encompasses Yang Sheng (life nourishing), Dao Yin (guide/pull), and Nei Gong (internal cultivation) exercises.

Qigong exercises are generally slow, gentle body movements that are coordinated and connected with the mind (or intent) and the breath. Used to gently coax the body into fluidity, qigong is practiced all over the world to regain or maintain health.

Private qigong sessions can be an invaluable tool to increase body awareness and speed up the healing process – and a fantastic followup to acupuncture or other bodywork treatments. One on one sessions allow tailoring the work to your specific needs and experience.

Client Info

Sessions are available Mondays through Thursdays, first session starting at noon, last starting at 4:00. A standard session is 90 minutes – but shorter (45 min) and longer (2 ½ – 3 hours) sessions are also available. You can schedule through Erica at the Emerald Acupuncture Center  (541-870-7692 or email).

Cancellation requires 24 hours notice, and for missed appointments (it happens) you have a couple of options. You can pay for your missed session, or bring cookies for the office. If you choose the cookie option, no raisins or coconut please.

Bodywork sessions:

  • 45 minutes  –  $54
  • 90 minutes  –  $108
  • 150+ minutes – $180

Discounts are available for students, seniors, and folks who make weekly or bi-weekly appointments.

About Jim

Jim graduated from the Cascade Institute of Massage and Body Therapies in 2001 (OR lic #7853) and is currently studying Traditional Thai Massage and Medicine with Nephyr Jacobsen at the Naga Center in Portland.

Jim has been studying Taijiquan and Qigong with Sam Masich and Jan Parker since the summer of 1995, and in the winter of 2001-2002 completed Sam’s Yang Style Taijiquan Full Curriculum Intensive. He also has partnered with Jan Parker in the production of Taijiquan and Qigong instructional videos.

Contact & Location

Appointments can be scheduled either by phone/text (541 579 6663) or by email.